Madagascar, an idyllic coastline in the Indian Ocean, is home to 10,000 unique species and 50 national parks, attracting Malagasy visitors who appreciate the island’s welcoming nature and diverse landscapes.

Must see Attractions in Madagascar

Ranomafana National Park Bamboo, a national variety, poses a poison threat to the Golden lemur, posing a significant threat to the region’s ecosystem.

Avenue of the Baobabs The famed site of Madagascar features gigantic baobabs, 800 years old, along a gravel road. Originally a lush forest, the site has been deforested for agriculture, leaving only the baobabs as a tourist attraction.

Royal Hill of Ambohimanga The entire island is home to one of the holiest destinations, a 500-year-old area of Madagascan royalty. The village, protected by a wall built in 1847, is home to artifacts and weapons from this era.

Isalo National Park The national park in Madagascar offers a huge variety of landscapes, including canyons, mountain pools, palm trees, and sandstone formations. Guided tours are mandatory, allowing visitors to explore the park for various durations.

Ifaty Big swells and waves hit the area, attracting fishermen to two iconic fishing villages from yesteryear. The area features unique forests with baobab trees, showcasing the beauty of the region.

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